Dolce Gusto Adapter Starter Pack + 10 Capsules

Dolce Gusto Adapter Starter Pack + 10 Capsules


The capsule adapter enables you to use Espresto capsules in a Dolce Gusto®* coffee machine. Whether it be espresso, lungo, milk specialities, chocolate or chai lattes – with the capsule adapter, you can add the sophisticated taste of Espresto to your playlist. In addition, the capsule adapter is particularly simple to use with every Nescafé Dolce Gusto®* machine.

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    It’s never been easier to add something new to your range of beverages. Choose a flavour, drop it into the adapter and slide the unit into your machine, then brew as normal. Watch this video to learn how it works.


    The capsule adapter is very easy to use. Its high quality and precise fit make using it child’s play. You can prepare your favourite drink in just three simple steps.

    1.  Select the capsule of your choice
    Choose from a variety of Espresto flavours.

    2.  Place the capsule in the adapter
    Place the selected capsule into the adapter with brief pressure. Make sure that you press the capsule into the adapter until it has been completely poked through.

    3.  Place the adapter in the capsule holder
    Treat the filled capsule adapter just like a normal capsule for your Dolce Gusto®* machine. Simply place it in, set the water amount and start the brewing process. Enjoy your beverage!

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    Additional information

    Weight 1.25 kg
    Dimensions 35.8 × 10.1 × 16.7 cm

    1 Box, 6 Boxes

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